A soft stick of butter, stored in a meat locker with a raw tongue and a moustache, yearns to be spread. Fusing absurdist camp with intimate poetry, Soft Butter queers the musical form and recalls the experience of growing up in a body (or identity) before having the language to express it. Previous development at Ars Nova (ANT Fest 2018), Musical Theatre Factory (GYAT Residency 2018, 4x15 Series 2017), the O'Neill (Librettists Week 2017) and demo album available on all music platforms.

Created and Co-Directed by

é boylan

Company Members:

Zachary Infante, Jaime Jarrett, Lisa Helmi Johanson, Esco Jouley, JD Killikelly,, Dana Levinson, Mia Longenecker, Pooya Mohseni, Jamen Nanthakumar, Tom Phelan, Seth Roseman, Adin Walker, Luke Zimmerman

SOFT BUTTER: a trans fantasia on edible themes

Director - Creator - Composer

é boylan